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Rotary Pans

Manhattan offers rotary pan plants ranging from 10ft to 18 ft diameter (typically 18 to 60 tph).

Rotary pans are often the plant of choice for diamond concentration in South Africa and gaining prominence in African diamond mine operations. Rotary pans have been in operation or many decades and offer certain advantages over jigs and the more sophisticated DMS or high capacity X-Ray alternative.

The cost of a rotary pan plant is less than the alternative technologies.

Rotary pans can take a feed including run of mine fines, implying it is not always necessary to wash or de-sand the feed material with the exception of deposits that carry medium to high loads of clay. The non-pan concentrating plants require the feed to be prepared with removal of all fine sediment implying more capital equipment is required to complete the plant configuration.

Pans can also process from 0mm up to 40mm offering a broad size range at low tonnes per hour. A DMS on the other hand requires a large diameter cyclone, hence a large throughput to process the more coarse diamond sizes.

Rotary pan plants are mechanical concentrating plants without sophisticated electronics which are often an impediment in remote mining operations. Manhattan’s modern pan plant design incorporates significant improvements over the traditional design ensuring fewer mechanical parts, less maintenance and simpler operation.

Having processed millions of tonnes of alluvial gravel, with plants in Russia, Zimbabwe, Angola, DRC and elsewhere, Manhattan plants have been well tested and proven to offer reliable, robust diamond recovery.