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XRT / High-Capacity X-Ray

XRT is a more recent electronic sorting technology used to recover diamonds from either a washed feed or when applied as a final recovery.

Manhattan offers a complete concentrating plant utilizing XRT technology, including the front end wash plant, with the XRT unit acting as a high capacity throughput machine which replaces the alternative concentrating plants.

An advantage of the XRT machine is its ability to manage coarse particles up to 70mm cross-size and its ability to provide a concentrate which can be reprocessed through the same machine before final hand-sort. This would then replace a DMS / final recovery X-Ray plant.

XRT machines are limited on the bottom size where they can process 5mm to 8mm size particles depending on the OEM brand selected. For diamond operations that have smaller diamonds an alternative technology would be recommended.

Certain diamond deposits benefit from an XRT plant technology choice as the traditional X-Ray sorters cannot achieve the required fluorescence to enable the diamond to be recovered.

Alternative technologies, with standard X-Ray fluorescence also exist which process ore in a similar capacity and size range as the XRT machines. The configuration is similar to the XRT and for the customer who can manage an electronic technology this may be a viable option.

It should be noted that all the washed and pre-classified run of mine is fed to the XRT or high capacity X-Ray sorter, and the tailings cannot be retained for reprocessing due to the sheer volume being processed. Hence the accuracy of the machine is crucial. A concentrating plant using specific gravity as the selection mechanism can adjust its settings to retain a certain % of concentrate which still requires electronic sorting through the final recovery. This concentrate being a small % of the head feed could be retained for reprocessing at a later stage. Hence any error in the electronic system is reduced to the final recovery stage.