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Benefit from Manhattan's extensive expertise in processing various forms of copper, spanning from copper ore to copper concentrates, copper sulfate, and copper hydroxide. Renowned for our turnkey solutions and streamlined project delivery, we've earned a global reputation for excellence in providing comprehensive services tailored to your specific processing needs. 

4MVA Copper Smelting Plant - West Africa
4MVA Copper Smelting Plant
4MVA Copper Smelting Plant - West Africa
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At Manhattan we offer Turnkey Solutions

Mechanical, Structural and Civil Design

Leaching Circuits

Dense Media Separation


Oxide Ore Extraction (Hydrometallurgy)

Sulfide Ore Extraction (Pyrometallurgy)

Smelting and Electrolysis

Milling Solutions

Crushing and Screening Solutions

Electrical Design & Interlocks

General Arrangement & Shop Drawings 

Fabrication and Construction

Plant Layout

Turnkey Supply 


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