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Ball Mill Plant Installation

Manhattan is installing a ball milling comminution plant for a Carbon-in-Leach gold mine in South Africa.

Ball Mill being loaded for transport

The scope of the project is full Turnkey, including all geotechnical engineering and civil work, process, mechanical and electrical design and sizing of the plant, fabrication of structural components, delivery of the plant to site, installation and commissioning.


Plant Delivery

Delivering large equipment to a site, often in a remote location, can be expensive and time consuming.

Manhattan maintains its own logistics fleet to mitigate the steep costs of outsourced freight.

Ball Milll on rollers being loaded with a crane truck


Laser Alignment

A laser alignment was required for the dual drive installation. The shaft and drive assemblies were roughly positioned first. Because there were two driving shafts, they each had to be aligned with their respective drive motor shafts, and then with each other.

motor drive system installation for milling plant


Civil Engineering Work

The scope of services for the mill installation included geotechnical and civil engineering.

The installation and commissioning phase of the mill plant is ongoing. Subscribe to our blog to receive informative posts about common engineering challenges and solutions from top experts in the field.


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