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Sierra Leone Gold Plant Trial Assembly

Gold Wash Plant with Knelson concentrator.

Manhattan supplied and installed an alluvial gold wash plant featuring a Knelson concentrator in Sierra Leone.

We conducted a trial assembly at our engineering facility in South Africa to ensure speedy commissioning and seamless handover to operations.

While trial assemblies take a lot of time and effort, the benefits are massive.

Key benefits of trial assembling include:

  • Ability to perform wet and dry tests on equipment.

  • Ensuring all workmanship is dimensioned correctly and is in alignment.

  • Marking connections of key assembly components for quicker and easier assembly on site.

  • Partial assembly of deliverable components before shipping.

  • Dramatically reduced time and cost on site during installation and commissioning.

conveyor belt trial assembly for gold plant

desliming cyclone with knelson concentrator for gold process plant.

trial assembly of a gold concentrator plant with feed bins and screens.

Time is money on the mine site. Often, staff are working in a rough environment with only the basics, and sometimes with no supporting infrastructure whatsoever. Things like electricity, tools, availability of spares and consumables cannot be taken for granted. Installation teams must be paid, accommodated and fed whether the plant installation is proceeding as planned or not. The resources needed to address an installation challenge on the mine site may be many times more than those needed at the engineering facility where the plant was built.

For every turnkey project, Manhattan's team of engineers conduct as many tests and inspections as possible in-house, while also painstakingly planning every component needed on site for an efficient and quick installation. Taking the time to align structural members correctly beforehand and to run parts of the plant can be the difference between a seamless handover and a painful, expensive installation experience.

Alluvial gold plant in Sierra Leone

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